Day 3 recap

We took a listen to the 8 (yes 8!) tracks that we had recorded, we averaged about 3 takes a song and then picked the best performance, and then had time to record a non album track, spot check some details and then the rhythm section was done.

Mike had two more songs to do, no drums no bass but strings on one. And on the other Bo decided to lay down some slide work on acoustic that was just too cool. That man is an amazing guitar player as well as producer. We’re so lucky to be working with him.

We had a late night listening session and then I got about 4 hours of sleep before heading back home.

Incidentally, if you have a long, flat, Midwestern drive to do, put on some early Genesis like “Selling England By The Pound.” It will make even the most boring drive seem epic. Haha

(Kitwise, I stuck with the last drum and cymbal setup for the “bonus track”. Why mess with a good thing?)

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