Double Drumming!

Well how about this? Good pal Victor DeLorenzo (do I really have to tell you that he’s the drummer extraordinaire with 1913 and Violent Femmes) has agreed to join Mike Mangione & The Union for BOTH shows tomorrow at the Steel Bridge Song Fest.

“Steel Bridge”, as we vets call it, is a very collaborative event. Many jams occur both on and off stage during the week, songwriting workshops are the norm and even a few MMTU songs were first conceived up there in Sturgeon Bay.

Still, I can’t believe how lucky I feel and how happy I am that I get to share the drum duties with Victor twice in the same day. His wizardry will no doubt leave me mystified and I’m gonna burst out laughing if he pulls out an air drum fill like I’ve seen him do in the past.

Please dear friends, take lots of pics and videos for me because I’m sure it’s going to be a blur.

(and did I ever tell you about the time a 17 year old Nez went to see the Violent Femmes and was awestruck by the tranceaphone? Well, that’s a story for another time…)