New Music Out Today!

#newmusic from Devil Met Contention is out today!

The Milwaukee Record did a nice feature on it here:

Buy it online or please stream the living bejeezus out of it on #applemusic #spotify #googleplay or wherever you get your stream fix from. (Are we on tidal? Maybe?)

For the Drum needs:

I used a Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid kit 22×14, 12×8, 16×16 and the snare was a 14×7 brass owned by Howl Street studios with wood hoops and a Big Fat Snare Drum snarebourine on it. Cymbals were my super special Impression Leon series icon 21 Ride, 15 HH plus 19 and 20 Jazz series crashes. Aquarian modern vintage II heads were used in the kit for that nice fat thump!

That’s basically my live set up now, which looks like this:

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