Devil Met Contention

“Used To Be”, Live from Studio Milwaukee Vol. 7 – 88Nine RadioMilwaukee
(Digital, 2017) Bandcamp | (CD only available as gift during pledge drive)
“Fire” single (Digital, 2016) Bandcamp
“Fuel the Lights (CD, 2016) Bandcamp | iTunes | Google Play
“Used To Be” single (Digital, 2016) Bandcamp
“Used To Be (video, 2016) YouTube
“Ferguson” single (CD, 2015)  Bandcamp | iTunes | Google Play
“American Times” EP (CD, 2015) Bandcamp | iTunes | Google Play

Nineteen Thirteen

“Music for Time Travel” (CD 2016)  iTunes | Google Play
“Summertime” single (digital, 2015)  iTunes | Google Play

Mike Mangione & The Union

“Red-winged Blackbird Man” (CD, 2013)  iTunes | Google Play
“Offering” (CD, 2010)  iTunes

Justin Heron

“The Justin Heron EP” (digital, 2013) iTunes | Google Play
“Rag Doll” single (digital, 2012) iTunes | Google Play


“Unbound At Last” (CD, 2012)   iTunes


“You Never Know/Parasite” ( 7″, 2009 )  iTunes
“Lion” (CD, 2009)  iTunes

Acumen Nation

Rally and Sustain: The Cracknation Documentary (DVD, 2013)  Buy Direct | Amazon
Rally and Sustain: Cracklogues and Tour Logs (book, 2013)  Buy Direct | Amazon
Artifacts II : 1989-1994 (CD, 2008) – Cracknation  iTunes | Google Play
Cracknation Box Set: (5CD, 2006) – Cracknation  Direct Buy
What The F*ck: (CD, 2005) – WTII  iTunes | Google Play
Artifacts – 1990-1993 (Vol 1) (CD, 2004) – Cracknation  iTunes | Google Play
The 5ifth Column: (CD, 2002) – Cracknation  iTunes | Google Play
If You Were Remix Ep (1998) – Conscience  iTunes | Google Play
Unkind Remix Ep (CD, 1998) Conscience   iTunes | Google Play
More Human Heart (CD 1997) Conscience  iTunes | Google Play
Territory Means the Universe (CD, 1995) Fifth Colvmn  iTunes | Google Play
Transmissions From Eville (CD, 1994) Fifth Colvmn  iTunes | Google Play
Transmissions From Eville (EP, 1993) Robot Records  (out of print)

Iron Lung Corp

Body Snatchers (CD, 2013) Cracknation  Direct Buy
Ditch The Attitude, Pally (CD, 2002) Cracknation  iTunes | Google Play
Big Shiny Spears (CD, 1995) Reconstriction/Cargo iTunes | Google Play


Pilfer [EP] (CD, 1994) Flipside Records  iTunes | Google Play
Random Acts I: Q101 Compilation (CD, 1993) FUSE (out of print)

Cobalt Blue

The Devil Lives On Division Street/ Impact (7″, 1992) Fiasco Records (out of print)


Tantrum (LP, 1991) Elastic Records (out of print)
And Shed Her Skin/Ten Year Reunion ( 7″, 1990) Elastic Records (out of print)

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