Cymbal fever!

Tracked multiple takes of four songs yesterday and they may all be keepers!

So far I’ve used the following sets:

14″ HHX groove hats
20″ HH French (Crash/Ride)
21″ Hammer with 3 rivets (Bosphorus)
18″ AAX Ozone
18″ HHX Stage Crash


14″ Mastersound hats
20″ HH French (Crash/Ride)
21″ signature Andre Ceccerelli ride
13″ AA Thin Crash
17″ Vault Crash

I also did a little Mastersound top (nice and thin) with the groove hat bottom (a little heavier) which worked really well.

Snare wise I’ve used the Ludwig twins (supra and black beauty) and also the Spaun 5.5 x 14 wood hoops with the snares off.

Drums have all been my Taye kit, rack and 14″ tuned up tight and the 16 and 22 tuned low and fat.

Can’t wait to get over there today for more tracking, these sessions are off to a great start!

(ooh and just got back to the studio and realized that I used this set up last:

14″ Mastersound top Groove bottom
20″ HH French (Crash/Ride)
21″ signature Andre Ceccerelli ride
18″ HHX Stage crash
17″ Vault Crash )