Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans…


…or so the saying goes.

DMC had been selected to play a showcase in town called “Tour Possible” in which each of the 10 bands played 3 tunes and the “winner” was to get a prize package of cash and gear to help them with future tour plans.

Two days before the show, my father had a stroke.  I was able to find a great sub (Thanks Steve Vorass) who also looked great in my suit (ouch) and off I flew to Texas to do whatever I could.  I’m lucky to have bandmates who are also great friends and their support means the world to me.  My guess is I’ll be logging a lot of miles in the air the rest of the year and we’ll try and fit shows in where we can.

(Editor’s note 3/17/18 – yup! And still more to come this year)

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