It’s Coldwaves Time Again!



Well – it’s that time of year again, when I strap on the ‘ol bass guitar and fire up the industrial furnace to prepare for COLDWAVES III!

Year one was a crazy Cracknation hybrid set with CZAR, Acumen Nation and ILC tracks all in the set.  Year two was a full on ILC set complete with all of our special guest friends.

This year is all Acumen Nation. The set time is a little shorter but we’re going to rip through 9 tracks from our now 20 year discography. WOW. How is that even possible?

I will be bassing it up for the set and maybe just maybe I’ll slide in to do one track on the drums. (Lefty drummer on a righty kit is always a good way to see how well my brain and limbs are at doing what they’re told.)

If you are anywhere near the Chicagoland area, you really need to be at these shows.  4 Days of amazing music and all to help honor and keep the memory alive of our dear friend who passed 3 years ago.  Miss you Kidd.

Lineup, ticket info and more can be found here:

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