Revisiting the past and celebrating old friends

Rally and Sustain DVDOver a year ago, I lost a great friend and musical brother, Jamie Duffy. We called him Kidd because he was the youngest but also he was the new guy to join up for our great Acumen adventures back in the 90s.

Losing Jamie was (and is) awful but it inadvertently gave birth to a reunion of musicians and celebration of his life in live, video and print formats. In September, we had our big COLDWAVES show and just last month, we wrapped up the DVD/book combo of Rally and Sustain which helps tell our story and also show mow much we still miss our Kidd.

We had a movie screening in Chicago and played a few tunes with friends both old and new and we’ll be rolling out another COLDWAVES show (aptly named COLDWAVES II) at the end of September. Music and stories are all we have and we’re going to make the most of it to keep him alive in our lives and our hearts.

Here’s some video from the music after the movie screening**:
Stone Farm

To learn more/ buy “Rally and Sustain”:

**Incidentally, as with all Acumen/ILC shows, When drumming, I’m playing lefty on a righty kit. Some things will never change.
The gist of the show was to revisit an old show that we did where we turned off all the noise makers and just did the songs live with acoustic instruments. That incarnation was christened ‘BBQ Tragedy’ so this is technically a renunion show haha.

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