Bring What You Need, Use What You Have

I had the great pleasure recently of subbing for my friend Chris in the band Sulek. Sulek frontman Patrick Hoctor and I play together in MMTU and when Chris was unavailable he called me first. (I love those kinds of calls.)

The Details:
I only had a few weeks to get ready for the show
It was a 45 minute set (7-8 songs to learn)
It was basically a duo onstage (Patrick singing and playing guitar, Ruthie on vocals for a some songs)
It was at a venue at which I’ve never played

So, I listened to Sulek non-stop for 14 days, worked through the arrangements and really zeroed in a on a few things that I wasn’t comfortable playing at first. We had two rehearsals – Patrick and I had a 2 hour practice, and then we did a run through with Ruthie the day of the show for a little over an hour – and then boom we played the show.

Gear wise I kept it super simple since it was just two instruments on stage – kick, snare, floor tom and cymbals.


There is video of the show which I hope to post shortly but in the meantime, this pic will tell the story:



(ooh and Patrick loved the smoke machine! haha)

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