Great shows yesterday!

Had a blast at WMSE and Shank Hall last night.

All the folks at WMSE are so pro – they treat you like family and the sound that goes live over the airwaves is just amazing. I have audio of the three song set (Offering, Darling Little Sister, and You Were Beautiful Once) and I’m going to try and post it this weekend or sync it up to some video I shot and put it on ye ol’ YouTube if I can.

Shank was also a blast – we played for alsmot two hours and it was great that folks just kept asking for more. Had a little trouble with the encore since we don’t really do that and my hihat stand went kaput. Thankfully it was when I was packing up for the night.

Ohh, and I tweeted Mick Shrimpton from Spinal Tap just for fun, here was his response:

Hahahaha – I love the word “git”….

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