Steel Bridge Song Fest 2012

It’s that time of year and Mike Mangione & The Unions are off again to one of our favorite festival gigs: Steel Bridge!

2012 Steel Bridge flyerThe festival runs from June 7-10 and we’ll be playing the main stage on Saturday June 9 during the day and taking part in the pub crawl event that evening. Musicians take over every venue in Sturgeon Bay (even the bowling alley!) and your festival ticket allows you entry to every location.

(We don’t have our venue info finalized for the evening of June 8 yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we do!)

Steel Bridge 2012 Weekend Passes are On Sale NOW at all TicketStar Locations,
online at
or over the phone 1-800-895-0071

$25 tickets purchased through Ticket Star will include a digital download of Steel Bridge Songs: Volume 7 (2012 Release)! These will be mailed out to you a a later date.

Ticket allows access to all venues and also allows for priority admission to venues that are nearing capacity – ahead of persons paying the per venue cover charge.
Certain venues may require passes for entrance.

Recording Time!

In the studio in Iowa City this week with the legendary Bo Ramsey (look him up he’s got Grammys all up in his jammies). Brought a whole mess of drums including the following:

Taye StudioBirch 12, 14, 16, 22 (Autumn Red)
Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Black Beauty, 5 x 14 Supra with a SuperHoop
DW 4.75 x 14 Maple (Red Sparkle)
Gretsch 6.5 x 14 New Classic (Vintage Sparkle)
WFL 24 x 14 vintage Duco kick
Spaun 12 rack tom and 5.5 x 14 snare (birch with wooden hoops)

And a ton of cymbals that I’ll post soon!